A Podcast of Cultural Proportion

"Peyote is responsible for all of that."

 Guests Episode 01:

Author, Timothy Schaffert • Artist, Wanda Ewing • Performer, Jill Anderson • Publisher, Cindy Grady 

"You don't take sand to the beach."

Guests Episode 2:

Megan Hunt, Princess Lasertron • Steve Gordondesigner •Timothy Guthrie, Professor & Artist

"Make my 'fung the Pefung"

 Guests Episode 3

Artist,Watie White • Arts Director, Anne Meysenburg • Conversation Consultant, Stuart Chittenden

"Fresh melon squeezings at your local supermarket"

 Guests Episode 4:

Sally Deskins, of “Les Femme Folles;” • Will Simons, of “Omahype” •Bryce Bridges 

"If I don't have the little rubber thing on it..."

 Guests Episode 6

 Susann SuprenantArtistic Director of ætherplough • Tom Trenelone of HDR Architecture and founder of daOMA • Tim Guthrie, Artist/Professor

"You're in the coolest building in the city"

 Guests Episode 7:

Shane Bainbridge of The New BLK • Jonathan Tvrdik of Juggernaut Interactive • Maria Fernandez of the Indian Oven.

"Yeah, I'm going to the middle of America."

 Guests Episode 8:

Silicon Prairie News founders

Jeff Slobotski • Dusty Davidson • Danny Schreiber 

"I don't know what to do with you, you have a penis"

 Guests Episode 9:

Nurse Courtney • Susi Amendola • Donna Huber

"The Measure of Absolute Softness"

 Guests Episode 10:

Playwrite Max Sparber • self-published author Thom Sibbitt • Journalist Leo Biga

"This would be really funny if it were a sitcom..."

 Guests Episode 12:

Soc Professor, Dan Hawkins • Artist/Entrepreneur, Jilawan “Miss Cake” Bunnimit • Author / Ad person, Robin Donovan • Designer/Teacher, Joe Sparano